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I'm a BA Drawing student at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

lørdag den 19. oktober 2013

Back in school

Lots of projects going on right now. Top photo is an alginate mould made from a cow stomach - the process of making it was so disgusting (mostly because the stomach was starting to smell quite badly) that I'm not sure I'll be up for actually doing anything with it. Had to sit through a 4 hour seminar on what drawing is right after - a subject that has already been discussed to death in our lectures for 2 years not a great day, but I might get over my self and do something with it.
The next photo is my triangle tile moulds waiting to dry.
Finished them on tuesday and have been waiting for a delivery of earthenware slip so I can start making crazy tiles! Hope it turns out well!
Along side this I've been doing lots of drawings because there has been so much waiting around for technicians and drying and deliveries and then of course there's the dissertation! Reading everything I can get my hands on relating to craft.

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