Om mig

I'm a BA Drawing student at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

lørdag den 19. maj 2012

1st year show...

My first school year is coming to an end. Makes me a bit sad...good there's still two more left! This is what I showed for the 1st year show.

torsdag den 10. maj 2012

New kinds of plants....

Have spent the day in my studio putting dried flowers together in different ways feeling like Dr. Frankenstein. Now I'm ready to make prints of them in the printmaking workshop tomorrow. I'm going to use soft ground so I can make impressions of the actual flowers into the soft ground before putting the plates with the print in acid. Very exited to see how they turn out!

onsdag den 2. maj 2012

Dotty drawings....

My hand is really starting to hurt from drawing these amoeba-ish guys so I figured I would take a break and upload these photos of them :)