Om mig

I'm a BA Drawing student at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

tirsdag den 3. december 2013

More of these guys

Can't seem to stop myself from making these - really love the process of opening them up and discovering the print. Often a delightful surprise, but sometimes they also just aren't working - but that makes it even better when some of them turn out great.
BTW - feel free to re-blog, pin and so on, but please give me the credit - have one of these pieces circulating on tumblr with 50000 re-bogs/likes and counting - would be even more awesome if anyone knew I'd made it!

søndag den 17. november 2013

Off Site Project PV

On Thursday night we had a PV for the exhibition - some of us had been working in the space from Monday and some had been working at home or exhibited older works in this new context. The PV was well attended and felt like a success. The next day we had an intense, but good crit with 3 tutors and 20 students. A bit more challenging than usual, but it was really good actually. Sometimes they go a bit too soft.
The next 2 weeks are reserved for reading and before I know it this first term will be over and it will be Christmas... 

mandag den 11. november 2013

Off Site Project

We have moved out of the studios for the week and are all working in this empty office space by Monument to set up an exhibition. It's quite nice to be somewhere new and have more space to play around. This is only the first day so I'll keep posting the development of my work - I might end up exhibiting something completely different than this in the end.

tirsdag den 5. november 2013

Lots and lots of plaster, iron + messy studio space!

It is getting more and more impossible to make work at my table as my experiments take up all the space. Planning to use all the things for something...can't really explain it though, but I'll post pictures (if I end up doing it). Next week we will be in an empty office space that we have borrowed to make an exhibition - we will have so much space so I'm really looking forward to trying things we can't do in the studio and playing around a bit. Can't hang anything on the walls so it's gonna be difficult, but something fun might come out of it.

fredag den 1. november 2013


Just to show what the tiles ended up looking like. Not very happy about them though. Don't think this is a work that I will end up finishing in the end.
Not a wasted effort though - have a lot of new information and interest in ceramics so maybe something different will come out of it. 

mandag den 21. oktober 2013

Exploring new territory.

I got a lovely delivery of lots of white earthenware slip today at college! So I was finally able to put my triangle moulds to use and start working in the ceramics workshop. I'm working in the glaze lab measuring out stains and slip and trying to learn all these new things, but it seems to be going pretty well.
At this point I'm just testing the material, colour and techinque, but it's just exiting to finally be able to see the idea take shape.
I had to leave before the tiles were dry enough to take out so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to see the results.

lørdag den 19. oktober 2013

Back in school

Lots of projects going on right now. Top photo is an alginate mould made from a cow stomach - the process of making it was so disgusting (mostly because the stomach was starting to smell quite badly) that I'm not sure I'll be up for actually doing anything with it. Had to sit through a 4 hour seminar on what drawing is right after - a subject that has already been discussed to death in our lectures for 2 years not a great day, but I might get over my self and do something with it.
The next photo is my triangle tile moulds waiting to dry.
Finished them on tuesday and have been waiting for a delivery of earthenware slip so I can start making crazy tiles! Hope it turns out well!
Along side this I've been doing lots of drawings because there has been so much waiting around for technicians and drying and deliveries and then of course there's the dissertation! Reading everything I can get my hands on relating to craft.

fredag den 13. september 2013

Back in London

Here are 2 drawings I made just before I went off for the summer. Sorry about the not so brilliant pictures, but it was all I had since they have both been sent off as presents.
I've been spending some time in Copenhagen in addition to little trips to Helsingør, Bornholm, Stockholm and Scotland. Good to be back in London though and we'll have to see if I can start posting a bit more on the blog now that I'm heading into my third year. Won't make any promises though :) I can imagine it's going to be a busy year!