Om mig

I'm a BA Drawing student at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

mandag den 17. december 2012


This is our wood workshop and metal workshop - they are both just by the sculpture studios so it's very convenient for the sculpture students as they use these workshops a lot. The casting workshop is next door so I spend my days running back and forth between these 3 places - located on the 4th floor of the "new" building - and my studio on the 1st floor in the old building. So I get my daily exercise :) It doesn't really look that busy on these pictures but normally it's filled with students working on their different projects.

mandag den 10. december 2012

A few more..

When not in the workshops I've been doing more of these in the studio.

fredag den 7. december 2012

Now in colours.

I've spent these last weeks mainly in the workshops trying to finish these before the holiday - and so today I finally had this new one finished. It's been left to dry over christmas.
I really like this effect with different layers of colour.
Since starting this project I've managed to involve almost all technicians in school in it so I get lots of visitors coming in to check how it's going up in the casting workshop - pretty nice. And the other students I meet in the workshops seem to be really interested in it as well so I must be on to something here...