Om mig

I'm a BA Drawing student at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

mandag den 17. december 2012


This is our wood workshop and metal workshop - they are both just by the sculpture studios so it's very convenient for the sculpture students as they use these workshops a lot. The casting workshop is next door so I spend my days running back and forth between these 3 places - located on the 4th floor of the "new" building - and my studio on the 1st floor in the old building. So I get my daily exercise :) It doesn't really look that busy on these pictures but normally it's filled with students working on their different projects.

mandag den 10. december 2012

A few more..

When not in the workshops I've been doing more of these in the studio.

fredag den 7. december 2012

Now in colours.

I've spent these last weeks mainly in the workshops trying to finish these before the holiday - and so today I finally had this new one finished. It's been left to dry over christmas.
I really like this effect with different layers of colour.
Since starting this project I've managed to involve almost all technicians in school in it so I get lots of visitors coming in to check how it's going up in the casting workshop - pretty nice. And the other students I meet in the workshops seem to be really interested in it as well so I must be on to something here...

onsdag den 28. november 2012


 Been working on this for the last week or so - incredibly exited to have it finished. I think it turned out beautifully! I'm going to make a mold from this to cast in different materials but I'll definately have to make more of these to keep just as they are and experiment with colours as well! Under you see the journey from metal rod to sculpture.

mandag den 26. november 2012

Experiments with different casting techniques and materials.

 This rubber-thing was really hard to photograph but I hope you can see it ok.
 This is made out of wax...
 This is my hand cast in plaster using algenate - unfortunately I didn't get the plaster into the fingertips and one finger broke off when i took it out of the mold.

fredag den 23. november 2012

Our new studio

It might be a bit too late to call it new since we've been in it since october but this is our 2nd year studio - before we had a chance to cover it completely in materials and half-finished pieces :) It's almost unrecognizable now!

onsdag den 21. november 2012

Things I've been working on lately

 The 2 "plates" above are what I showed for the last crit. The 4 pictures under are some of the experiments leading to them...

torsdag den 11. oktober 2012

Back in school!

So good to be back in school and especially to have access to all the great workshops!
This is my first experiment and I see much potential for further development so stay tuned!
The casts are made in rubber and are wonderfully disgusting to touch and look at!

fredag den 5. oktober 2012

My insect collection...

 I've managed to get my hands on all these lovely insects over the summer - now all I have to do is figure out what I'm going to do with them...something great I think :)

tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012

Summer project

Hello again everyone.
After a long summer of complete silence on this blog I'm back (and planning to upload pictures of what I'm doing a bit more often this coming year although I shouldn't promise anything as it looks like this year will be even more intense than last).
We were asked to do "something ambitious" over the summer to show for the first crit after the holiday which was today.
I chose to be ambitious about the size of my work. This is 2x1.5 m so it's the biggest piece I've ever made. I'm not completely sure I feel like this is finished...haven't decided yet but here it is anyway.

lørdag den 19. maj 2012

1st year show...

My first school year is coming to an end. Makes me a bit sad...good there's still two more left! This is what I showed for the 1st year show.

torsdag den 10. maj 2012

New kinds of plants....

Have spent the day in my studio putting dried flowers together in different ways feeling like Dr. Frankenstein. Now I'm ready to make prints of them in the printmaking workshop tomorrow. I'm going to use soft ground so I can make impressions of the actual flowers into the soft ground before putting the plates with the print in acid. Very exited to see how they turn out!