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I'm a BA Drawing student at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

onsdag den 21. november 2012

Things I've been working on lately

 The 2 "plates" above are what I showed for the last crit. The 4 pictures under are some of the experiments leading to them...

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  1. Interesting!!!
    Can't wait to see some of it and get an idea of the scale and the surface.
    What did the crit say?

  2. The one on the first picture is about 20 cm in diameter (don't have them with me but it's a good guess) 2nd one is about 35 cm in diameter. They are quite fragile so it's hard to make them big. (I broke them on purpose though :))
    At the crit I got A LOT of different readings of them but people really liked them.